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Hassocks Twinning Association




Hassocks Twinning Association was founded by a group of enthusiasts in the early Nineteen-eighties. The idea was to twin with one European town. When the suggestion to twin with both Montmirail in France and Wald-Michelbach in Germany was made, the opportunity was seized and the three way link was made.

Since those early days, literally hundreds of residents have travelled between the three communities. There are official visits involving the local Parish councils, exchanges of sporting, cultural and youth groups and individual visits.

However, the strength of the twinning Association has always been the links made between individuals and families which have been fostered by our members hosting visitors from Montmirail and Wald-Michelbach and staying with them in return. Many lasting friendships have been made, some of which were forged on the very first visits many years ago.

Hassocks Twinning Association is an independent voluntary Association that raises its own funds through subscriptions and fund raising activities. New members are always welcome to join us.